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31st July 2003

3:24pm: you know i like to act the part of being tough
In 1997, I was at some show and afterwards a stranger handed me a flyer "yo la tengo from new york! are coming to australia". I had only seen one film clip on RAGE for Sugarcube, which had floored me cus it is so funny. I couldnt get to the show because my sister was having a Bon Voyage party. see ya! BUT, that saturday afternoon I ran from work to the trainstation and from Town Hall to Waterfront Records where they were doing an instore, only to have the shutter pulled down on me by leo mullins saying "sorry, we cant fit you in" and so i sat outside on the concrete and listened to them with my ear pressed up to the glass, puffed and wearing my 'liquorland' uniform. It was the greatest thing i had ever heard.

I am a huge fan, it's true. And tonight, I get to play with them on the same stage. i'm not sure how much it's sunk in yet. I'm going now to watch their soundcheck (because i can) and maybe it'll hit me like a tonne of bricks then.
Current Mood: hungry
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